In Dr. Redei’s new research she discusses how important an environment is for rats.

In the study Dr. Redei took rats that were depressed and put them in an environment that she called Disney World. After one month the rats did not have depression. This shows that an environment can play a large part in a person’s depression.

She also took rats that were not pre-disposed to have depression and put them in a difficult environment. She found that these rats developed symptoms of depression.

Whenever possible try to do things that make you happy. At first it may seem difficult, but in time it can make a difference in your depression symptoms.

Note that just getting out and taking care of yourself can make all of the difference. You don’t need to totally change your schedule, you just need to adapt what you do from day to day.

Your genes are not your destiny, you do have the power to make changes in your life. Never give up.