When you are feeling down it can be hard to see the forest though the trees. Depression can distort the way that you see reality. You might say to yourself, “what is the use I am stuck in depression?”

This is just your depression talking, try to over come this thought by working to get the help that you need. Often in depression the little things can seem overwhelming. Try to break the day up into smaller pieces. A long journey begins one step at a time. We do not need to make huge leaps forward.

Small steps are all it takes. I do believe we have an opportunity each and every day to try and improve. Having been in major depression for three years I truly know what it feels like to feel hopeless.

The one thing that I knew was I needed help to get out of depression. We can never give up. We need to constantly try to move forward and improve. The challenge becomes how to allow yourself to move forward in the middle of depression.

Each day try to reach out to people that you love and trust. We should constantly try to get out of our little world. When you are in depression, your own thoughts and worries occupy most of your time. Try to expand this by being with friends or family.

Try to do this slowly at first. Then more and more as you can, the trick is to be kind to yourself.

Try to find a counselor or therapist that you trust and you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with. It so important to find someone that you feel you can share anything with.

I understand for some people it is very hard to ask for help. It does not mean that you are any less of a person to ask for help. Asking for help should be seen as a positive. You are seeking to improve. It takes a lot of courage to do this.

Never give up, always give yourself another chance.