Individuals with depression often worry too much!!! This can be a huge problem, because with depression you have a lot of negative thoughts. What you should try to do is catch yourself starting to worry.

Bring yourself back to the present and remind yourself that the only think you can work on is today.

Depression can often leave you feeling like you are never going to get better. This is where you must dig in and remember that you will get out of depression. Depression can turn every day into the longest day of your life.

One of the things that I just learned in a Mindfulness Class is something called STOP.

This stands for:


Take Breaths



We can try to stop our negative thoughts and stop worrying. Stop what you are doing and even say the word stop. Take 20-30 breaths. Observe what is going on in your body and mind. Label what you feel, sad, anxious, or angry… Sometimes by labeling the emotion we can step away from the emotion and not let it consume us. Proceed, move on with your life.

Worry can be an overwhelming emotion when a person is in depression. We need to take the time when it comes up to try to slow it down.