Nature vs Nurture

In Dr. Redei’s new research she discusses how important an environment is for rats.

In the study Dr. Redei took rats that were depressed and put them in an environment that she called Disney World. After one month the rats did not have depression. This shows that an environment can play a large part in a […]

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Getting Help

When you are feeling down it can be hard to see the forest though the trees. Depression can distort the way that you see reality. You might say to yourself, “what is the use I am stuck in depression?”

This is just your depression talking, try to over come this thought by working to get the […]

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Depression and Worry

Individuals with depression often worry too much!!! This can be a huge problem, because with depression you have a lot of negative thoughts. What you should try to do is catch yourself starting to worry.

Bring yourself back to the present and remind yourself that the only think you can work on is today.

Depression can often […]

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What the treatment of depression would look like in personalized medicine.

While going through treatment for my major depression from 2007-2010 I found it very difficult to stay positive. I went to a number of different psychiatrists to try to get the help that I needed to get better. I know that each psychiatrist I went to tried their best to get me better.

Before I started […]

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Stigma of Depression

The stigma of depression can keep individuals with depression from seeking the treatment that they need.   50% of people with depression do not receive treatment. We need to change this. More people will receive treatment for depression if we work together to help remove the stigma.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Many individuals […]

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