Depression is for real.

My name is Doug Labrecque, I was in the financial services industry for close to 20 years. In 2007 I was blindsided by depression. For three years I suffered from major depression and could not enjoy any part of my life, including being with my wife and two children. For fear of being stigmatized I told very few people about my depression.

Through the help of my psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Friedman Lang, I was able to return to the life that I knew. I continue to work with Dr. Karen Lang to this day to ensure that I stay healthy.

Depression is a debilitating and serious illness. Having survived depression, I vowed to do all I can to help individuals that suffer from depression.

I wish the blood test that Dr. Redei is working on now was available when I was going through depression. The blood test would have led me to the appropriate treatment sooner.

Please join me in a fundraising campaign to support critical research at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

It’s not as simple as convincing someone to feel better. It is physiological in nature. In fact, a blood-based laboratory test for depression has been developed, clearly showing biological changes are present in depression. This test will provide an objective measure to aid diagnosis in the same way someone is diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes. This test would bring mental health diagnosis into the 21st century and offer a personalized medicine approach to people suffering from depression. The researchers at Northwestern Medicine need your help to help those you love, who can’t help themselves with your tax-deductible donation.

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A blood test to diagnose major depression in adults has been developed by Northwestern Medicine scientists, a breakthrough approach that provides objective, scientific diagnosis for depression. The test identifies depression by measuring the levels of nine RNA blood markers. RNA molecules are the messengers that interpret the DNA genetic code and carry out its instructions. The blood test also predicts who will benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. The goal is to minimize the time between diagnosis and successful treatment by establishing individualized treatment plans for people with depression. Help is needed to achieve this goal.

Today clinical research studies are critical parts of the modern academic medical center.  Dr. Eva Redei’s breakthrough trial identifying blood markers to diagnose and predict the efficacy of therapies for depression in individuals is an exciting advancement of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and beyond.  This diagnostic discovery is aimed at bringing new insights to patients to treat, prevent, or even cure disease.  Clinical trials are a necessary part of the translational medicine process.

Northwestern Medicine seeking to continue Dr. Redei’s transformational work with an additional clinical trial to add to the knowledge that has been gained to date.  With your philanthropic support, Northwestern Medicine will be able to provide patients with an easier, less stigmatized way to be diagnosed with depression and also a potentially objective way to determine the right therapeutic choice.  These are the first exciting steps toward advancing cures.

With your vital support, Dr. Eva Redei and her colleagues will be able to continue their important research in validating blood markers tied to depression and recovery, and formally begin this trial.

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